Heavens Care
Bringing hope to families and individuals
who experience homelessness

The Mission to End Homelessness

There are over 2,900 homeless people in Louisiana, but in the United States alone with the inclusion of Louisiana there are over 560,000 homeless people. It is our goal to end homelessness, but first we have a mission. When I say mission, I mean we as a people can come together and help rescue the homeless.

Reasons for Homelessness

There are many reasons why people become homeless. It can be loss of a job, mental health, victims of violence, having a disability, being a veteran, substance abuse, and youth transition to adult hood. Together we can bring the homeless off the street into a safe and warm environment. One reason why people remain homeless is due to their pets. Pets are not allowed in most shelters. Heavens Care will have a place for animals. We are in coalition with Rescue Alliance. Our homeless will live side by side with their pets. It is also our mission to help them transition from homelessness into transitional housing. 

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